Том 324 № 6 (2014): Социально-гуманитарные технологии

State aid within the framework of competition policy (the experience of the European Union)

The urgency of the discussed issue is caused by a particular importance of a supranational control of the state aid to enterprises participating in the European markets. The European Union's experience is important to be studied and disseminated. The main aim of the study: to justify the need to establish the control over state aid in the context of European competition policy in order to maintain a fair level of activity of all enterprises participating in the European markets, regardless of the Member State in which they reside. The methods used in the study: historical and comparative methods, case-studies, content analysis. The results: the author has distinguished and described four main phases in the evolution of law and policy in the field of State aid of the European Union. The criteria were established to determine the government actions as state aid and intervention methods were analyzed. The paper describes the main steps to assess the impact of state aid and the steps in the field of application of the legislation in the Republic of Moldova

Ключевые слова:

competition policy, state aid, intervention methods, harmonization of competition, law


Anatolie Caraganciu

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