V. 328, №8 , 2017

Comparative analysis of the methods for defining bottom hole pressure at well operation of Shershnevsky field Bulletin of the Tomsk Polytechnic University. Geo Assets Engineering Vol. 328, № 8

The relevance. The problem of reliable bottom hole pressure determination is relevant for the most part of the mining fund of mechanized wells in the oil fields of the Perm Krai. Direct measurement of bottom hole pressure in such wells is difficult, and a small part of the mining fund is equipped with deep measuring systems. For the remaining wells, the bottom hole pressure is determined when the wellheads are recalculated. The methods developed in Russia and abroad are based on calculation of the characteristics of the multiphase flow at various sections of the wellbore. Their use is accompanied by low reliability. Three separate methods for determining bottom hole pressure were developed for the Shershnevsky oil field. Two of them are based on calculation of multiphase flow characteristics. The third method is based on the use of a multidimensional statistical model. It is relevant to carry out a comparative analysis and assess the reliability of these techniques. The main aim of research is to evaluate the reliability of three methods of determining bottom hole pressure based on the analysis of the data of parallel deep and wellhead measurements in the oil producing wells of the Shershnevsky field. Object of research is oil wells of the Shershnevsky field, operated by downhole pumps. Method of research is based on the use of the known methods of mathematical statistics. Research results allowed us to conclude that the methods of determining bottom hole pressures, based on calculation of the multiphase flow characteristics, are accompanied by a significant error. The method based on the use of a multivariate statistical model is characterized by higher accuracy of calculations and it is recommended for practical use for determining bottom hole pressures during the exploitation of production wells of the Shershnevsky field.


oil producing well, bottom hole pressure, bottom hole pressure monitoring, multidimensional mathematical models, correlation analysis, correlation coefficient


Chernykh Irina Aleksandrovna

Galkin Vladislav Ignatievich

Ponomareva Inna Nikolaevna

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