V. 328, №8 , 2017

Chemical composition of petroleum from Krapivinskoe oilfield (message 4) Bulletin of the Tomsk Polytechnic University. Geo Assets Engineering Vol. 328, № 8

The research is relevant due to the information need on composition and structure of the resin components in the Upper Jurassic methanonaphthenic oil from the Krapivinskoe oilfield located in Tomsk region to solve the problems related to oil production, transportation and processing. The aim of the work is to characterize the composition of organic nitrogen bases in the Krapivinskoe oil and structural fragments bound in the molecules of resin substances through sulfide and ether bridges. Research methods: complexing, extraction, IR and 1H NMR spectroscopy, structural-group analysis, selective chemical destruction of sulfide and ether bonds, chromatography-mass spectroscopy. Results. The structure of resins in the Krapivinskoe oil was found to contain the fragments bound in their molecules through sulfide and ether bridges. Normal and branched alkanes, alkylcyclopentanes and alkylcyclohexanes, mono-, bi-, tri- and tetrasubstituted alkylbenzenes, naphthalenes, aliphatic alcohols and ethers and bicyclic sulfides were identified among these fragments. The organic nitrogen bases of the resins in the oil under study are represented by high- and low-molecular components. Their average molecules consist of polycyclic nuclei, including aromatic and saturated cycles with different alkyl framing. Naphthene rings make the main contribution to the cyclicity of the average molecules of the basic nitrogen compounds of different molecular weights. Alkyl derivatives of quinoline, benzo- and dibenzoquinolines and azapyren occur in composition of the organic nitrogen bases in the resins of the Krapivinskoe oil. Most of the identified compounds are represented by alkyl benzoquinolines. It is shown that organic nitrogen bases do not participate in formation of peripheral fragments of resin molecules, but they are an integral part of their condensed polycyclic blocks.


resins, organic nitrogen bases, structural-group analysis, chemolysis, structural fragments, composition, saturated and aromatic hydrocarbons, heteroorganic compounds


Cheshkova Tatyana Viktorovna

Gerasimova Natalia Nikolaevna

Sagachenko Tatyana Anatolievna

Min Raisa Sergeevna

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