V. 326, №5 , 2015

Mobile visualization of data on wireless network electromagnetic radiation Bulletin of the Tomsk Polytechnic University Vol. 326, № 5

The relevance of the discussed issue is caused by the need to analyze the influence of wireless networks to human health. This problem is oriented to such science directions as geoecology and geoinformatics. The density of electromagnetic pollution is analyzed through determining the number of radiation sources and their radius of action. The main aim of the study is to search and analyze the information on electromagnetic radiation emanating from surrounding wireless networks: cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, using specially developed software for mobile devices. The methods used in the study: methods and tools for software design and development, geographic information systems, mathematical methods of triangulation, multivariate optimization and filtering of signals, the inverse square law, practical measurement experiments. The results. The authors have stated and solved the problem of searching and analyzing the information on electromagnetic radiation emanating from the surrounding wireless networks: cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The paper describes the methods and tools, technologies, programming and mathematical foundations of the developed mobile Android-application and considers the issues of receiving, triangulation and filtering radiation signals. The developed Android-platform mobile software is described in details; the paper is illustrated by screenshots. The results of experimental measurements and calculations of the radiation source power, and the range of the wireless network (cellular, Wi- Fi and Bluetooth) are analyzed.


geoecology, geoinformatics, mobile application, wireless networking, signal triangulation


Samoylenko Boris

Vichugov Vladimir

Vicugova Anna

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