V. 326, №5 , 2015

Energy and dynamic efficiency of single-winding linear electromagnetic motors with a spring drive Bulletin of the Tomsk Polytechnic University Vol. 326, № 5

Relevance of the work is caused by the need to develop the impact machines with the raised power and dynamic indicators for implementing various pulse technologies. The main aim of the research is to obtain the calculation expressions of power and dynamic performance of single-winding pulsed linear electromagnetic motors with spring energy store using the approximate method without solving nonlinear differential equations of motion under condition of unaccented idling; to identify the features of the constructive scheme based on the analysis of the characteristics obtained. Research methods. The principle of reciprocity is the basis for a method of analytical research recommended in the work for electromechanical systems. It allows approximately and rather easy defining kinetic energy and dynamic traction effort of the linear electromagnetic motor by its static characteristics. This energy makes a half of difference between integrated operation of electromagnetic motor and energy connected with counteracting effort. Theoretical researches are proved experimentally. Results. The obtained design expressions of the main power and dynamic characteristics allow revealing the possibilities of the constructive scheme of a single-winding pulsed linear electromagnetic motor with a spring store under condition of unaccented idling and comparing various constructive schemes with the single-winding engines when designing electromagnetic drives. The authors theoretically revealed the frequency of courses and impact power which limit the productivity of pulsed machine at operation of electromagnetic motor in a mode of continuous courses and determined the conditions of unaccented idling. The paper analyzes the advantages and short-comings of the constructive scheme of the pulsed linear electromagnetic engine with a spring store. Thanks to possibility of obtaining unaccented idling, the given constructive scheme with a spring store can be applied as the electromagnetic drive, for example, in vacuum switches. The most widespread constructive scheme of the same electromagnetic engine with a returnable spring is not capable of providing unaccented idling of the drive and therefore it is less effective.


pulsed linear electromagnetic motor, electric drive, impact energy, spring drive, anchor traction


Moshkin Vladimir

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