V. 326, №5 , 2015

Rationale for feasibility of using ore tailings for manufacturing hardening mixtures Bulletin of the Tomsk Polytechnic University Vol. 326, № 5

Relevance of the work is caused by the need to find affordable and cheap raw materials for manufacturing hardening mixtures as a means of non-destructive control over the state of the array in transition to underground mining. The main aim of the research is to study the feasibility and economic viability of extracting metals and salts from ore tailings as a condition of their non-waste recycling as curing compounds and other goods. Methods: laboratory studies in disintegrator installation Deux"11, including: study of tailings, metal leaching reagents in percolators, le" aching of metals combined with reagents in a disintegrator, mathematical modeling of ecological and economic research, modeling parameters of mechanical activation and statistical processing of data based on multiple regression and correlation analysis. Results. The paper introduces historical information about the use of disintegrators in mining. The authors have identified new patterns of extracting metals from tailings of ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy and coal washing, depending on the process variables. It is proved that the method of mechanical activation allows you to extract metals from the tailings to the level of sanitary requirements, which makes it possible to use the secondary tailings for preparing concrete products without restrictions. The authors carried out the feasibility study of the recommended mechanochemical technology with the development of integrated ecological-economic-mathematical model of the process and calculation of the economic effect of involving substandard mineral raw materials in production. Conclusions. The authors determined quantitative parameters of metals extraction from tailings of ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy and coal washing, depending on the parameters of mechanical activation. The possibility of extracting metals from tailings by mechanical activation in the disintegrator to the level of sanitary requirements was proved. The author proposed the ecological and economic" mathematical model to evaluate the effectiveness of involving substandard mineral raw materials in production and stated the concept of waste-free processing of substandard mineral resources, including economic and environmental aspects.


mine, minerals, metals, tailings, disintegrator, activation, mechanical energy, mechanochemistry, economy, ecology, underground method, hardening mixture, mining


Golik Vladimir

Lukyanov Victor

Khasheva Zarema

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