V. 325, №1 The Planet Resources, 2014

Resource efficient search strategies of oil deposits in the pre.jurassic base of Western Siberia Bulletin of the Tomsk Polytechnic University Vol. 325, № 1 : The Planet Resources

As a result of researches within the framework of the Federal Target Program «Researches and developments on priority directions of scientifictechnological complex of Russia for 2007-2013» the search strategy of oilperspective objects in preJurassic complex in central part of Western Siberia was developed and proposed, the bases of research technology were established. The authors have carried out marketing researches to analyze the competitive environment, to define consumers and to estimate the efficiency, to develop the implementation reference. Analysis of external documentation and technicaleconomic analysis of the research results was used as the research techniques. By the example of three fields in KhantyMansiysk Autonomous District it was shown that the new strategy provides the increase of resources growth to 60 %, capital costs decrease by 16 % and geological prospecting risk reduce. The strategy can be applied for regional studies, prospecting work and revaluation of oil field areas resources, subsoil licensing. The potential customers are the companies developing the Lower Jurassic fields and deposits. Resource efficiency of the strategy consists in ability to buildup resource base on the lands which already possess the functions of oil fields with the developed infrastructure, reducing costs on field construction and excluding costs on external communications


pre-Jurassic complex, oil promising objects, strategy, marketing research, capital expenditures


Sungurova Olga

Mazurov Aleksey Karpovich

Isaev Valery Ivanovich

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