V. 325, №1 The Planet Resources, 2014

Geochemical classification of magmatic formations of the Prepolar Urals eastern slope in Sertynya-Manya interfluve Bulletin of the Tomsk Polytechnic University Vol. 325, № 1 : The Planet Resources

The urgency of work is caused by insufficient level of knowledge of the area, the imperfection magmatism schemes both ntrusive and effusive. The main aim of the study: the refinement of the territory magmatism schemes on the basis of geological observations complex and the results of the analytical research. The methods used in the study: analysis of the carried out works (geological survey and thematic); field work (documentation, testing); analytical research: petrographic, Xray fluorescence (IGM SB RAS, the device ARa9900XP, analyst is N.M. Glukhova), Xray (IGG, UrB RAS, the device CPM18, analysts are N.P. Gorbunov and L.A. Tatarinova), ICP-MS (IGM SB RAS, the device Finnegan Element I, analyst is N.P. Nikolaeva; IGG, UrB RAS, the device ELAN9000, analysts are N.N. Adamovich and D.V. Kiseleva). The results: The paper introduces the results of the research of magmatites in paleoarc sector of the Prepolar Urals Eastern slope, dissected by the rivers Shchekurya, Sertynya, Polya and Manya valleys from the Main Ural deep fault zone to the Western border of the development of West Siberian plate cover sedimentary complexes. New data allowed the author to understand the presence of two types of gabbroids in Shchekurinsky massif structure and to compare them with tagilokytlymsky and severorudnichy complexes; to classify diorites of Sertyninsk-Shchekurinsky massif to the second phase of northmine complex; to assume the backarcspreading nature of parallel dikes complex of Maninsky and Polinskyi sections; to compare volcanogenic sections of the rivers Shchekurya and Sertynya with goroblagodatsky and lyulinsky complexes respectively


Prepolar Urals, paleoarc sector, magmatism, petrochemistry, geochemistry


Kudrin Konstantin

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