V. 325, №1 The Planet Resources, 2014

Patterns of reservoir permeability variation of J1 Krapivinskoe oilfield horizon Bulletin of the Tomsk Polytechnic University Vol. 325, № 1 : The Planet Resources

The paper introduces the results of petrophysical and geophysical researches of reservoir filtration features of Krapivinskoe oilfield J1-3 horizon. The author has determined the factors and the reasons of space permeable heterogeneity both in lateral and vertical directions, as well as the reasons of inaccuracy when estimating permeability by geophysical data interpretation. The permeability map of J1-3 reservoir was analyzed; the map was obtained from a permanent geologicaltechnological model Krapivinskoe oilfield. The analysis confirmed spatial heterogeneity of the reservoir permeability and porosity, especially permeability, which is most pronounced in the north of the field; it was proved by the presence of high permeable layers that had been allocated according to the implemented complex of the researches. Based on the results of core laboratory research, geophysical and hydrodynamic data interpretation and well test analysis the author carried out the comparative analysis of J1-3 horizon permeability values. As a result the differences in permeability estimation were determined. The validity of petrounits selection of J1-3 horizon was confirmed. Presence of high permeable layers in J1-3 horizon and its diagnostic characteristics were determined from porosity to permeability values correlation. The paper describes thegeological reasons of increasing permeability values of J1-3 horizon


porosity, permeability, rocks


Shaykhiev Damir

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