V. 325, №1 The Planet Resources, 2014

Efficiency of resistivity and induced polarization method in electrical tomography modification in Bodaybo golden ore district Bulletin of the Tomsk Polytechnic University Vol. 325, № 1 : The Planet Resources

Relevance of the study is caused by the need to improve the effectiveness of the geophysical methods in exploration work in leading gold ore provinces of Siberian region. The main aim of the study is to determine the capabilities of a new modification of electro prospecting - electrical tomography of the induced polarization variant in gold regions of stacked carbon-terrigenous (black shale) strata to solve the complex of exploration tasks; to determine the range of geological problems and to solve the major complicating factors. The methods used in the study: To identify the opportunities of electrical tomography the authors have carried out the field research and methodological work in a typical gold-bearing region of Siberia - Bodaibo syncline within which gold is mined more than 150 years and where significant amount of large gold deposits was opened, including the giant Sukhoi Log deposit. The Results: It was ascertained that electrical tomography has great possibilities in conditions of black shale deposits containing significant gold deposits: it can help in assessing the thickness and composition of the coating (including Quaternary) deposits, chalking the places of major tectonic faults, identifying the main features of the structural framework, predicting the localization of individual sites orebodies (mineralized zones). The paper introduces the conditions complicating the work and characterizes the main problems associated with the geological interpretation of the results of tomographic works.


Bodaybo area, golden ore deposits, geophysical methods of prospecting and exploration, efficiency, electrical prospecting, electrical tomography


Mohammed Mohammed Atef

Erofeev Leonid Yakovlevich

Orekhov Aleksandr Nikolaevich

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